Chandelier Iguazu

Swallows flying under the rain, playing in the drops of water, and composing a subtle choreography in which living creatures become one with their surroundings and create a series of little magical microcosms. Scenes that mesmerize us as we observe their dynamics, shapes, and colors with utter fascination.

Ecosystems, the architectures of unique universes, are at the heart of this collection, its very source of inspiration. This series of almost infinitely customizable chandeliers called Iguazu focuses on the values of nature and the animal kingdom. Using porcelain components, Iguazu proposes lighting fixtures which are a lasting expression of the beauty of our surrounding world.

And the compositions permitted by Iguazu are almost as varied and countless as nature itself. Different “ecosystems” can be created by exchanging the swallows for butterflies, fish, bubbles or bluebells. The cords can be chosen between steel or gilded finishes and adapt to different lengths, while the ceiling fixtures are customizable in different colors.

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