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The most exclusive Darth Vader™ in porcelain arrives from a galaxy far, far away….

The maximum exponent of the authentic dark side of the Force, Darth Vader ™ is recreated in a magnetic golden finish. A version of only 70 units for the whole world, in homage to the 70th anniversary of our brand.

Handcrafted and decorated in a shiny golden color with matte touches, this fearsome Sith Lord is an example of the diversity achieved over seven decades of revolutionizing the world of porcelain.

Thanks to the meticulous etching and a design charged with force and movement this limited edition will be a must-have for all lovers of Star Wars characters.A traditional craft taken to a new creative dimension with the Star Wars universe.

Limited Edition of 70 units


© & ™ Lucasfilm Ltd.

Lladró is celebrating its 70th anniversary with two creations that respond to opposing yet complementary aesthetic concepts, showcasing the diversity and constant evolution of its works.

Two imposing sculptures of a mythical creature full of symbolism, the epitome of power, grandeur and fortune.

Limited editions of 777 units.




Protector Dragon is a creation from High Porcelain, the maximum expression of quality and virtuosity of Lladró artists. A piece based on traditional canons lending particular emphasis to the application of unique finishes and colors that involve an innovative artistic challenge.


Protector Dragon stands out for its stunning decoration, featuring golden luster combined with details in blue and red enamels. The hundreds of scales covering the dragon’s skin are carefully painted by hand one by one. The complex sculpture has an undulating form in the shape of a figure eight, the lucky number par excellence in Asian cultures.




Origami Dragon is a creation within New Concept, the brand’s most cutting-edge, innovative vision. A piece that explores more unexpected conceptual paths, in which creativity is put to the service of contemporary aesthetics and the latest tendencies in design.


Origami Dragon is framed within a collection that showcases an innovative vision of the Japanese art of paper folding. Natural mineral pigments were used in the decoration, coated with a fine layer of metal oxide to intensify the striking red color. The contrast between this tonality and the golden details further enriches the finish of the piece.