Vase with Flowers

Flowers, the most delicate and beautiful works of nature, are the components from which these vases are made. Unlike floral compositions made petal by petal in porcelain, here the flowers are used to compose the sculpture of the vase itself. They are the result of the work of the sculptor and the team of ornamentation artists, commissioned to recreate and etch each detail by hand.

Two ranges of color were chosen for the decoration. The pink version features pastel pinkish, violet and green tones. The blue version features pastel white and grey tones with touches of deep blue. Both versions also contain details in golden luster.

Exuberant bouquets of porcelain flowers on vases with pure, clean lines.

Vase with Flowers (pink)
44 x 33 x 30 cm
17 ¼ x 13 x 11 ¾”

Vase with Flowers (blue)
44 x 33 x 30 cm
17 ¼ x 13 x 11 ¾”

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