This wonderful Atlas is now joining the Myths Collection, a series dedicated to the great Greek and Roman gods of old. Atlas, son of Iapetus and the nymph Clymene, led the rebellion of the Titans against Zeus and, as a punishment, he was condemned to hold up the sky on his shoulders.

Countless legends exist about this strong man who bore the weight of the celestial spheres to keep them separate from the earth and maintain the balance of the universe. He was also attributed with great learning in mathematics and astrology.

56 x 26 x 27 cm
22” x 10¼” x 10¾”
Base included

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Making this Atlas required a set of 12 different molds to create the porcelain fragments to compose the final piece. To further enhance the strength of this god, it was decided not to apply any other color except for some carefully chosen touches of golden luster and the iridescent metalized enamels of the sphere.

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