The land of Lighting is the region of the planet that reaches its maximum splendor at night. When the sun sets, porcelain lights break through the darkness and cast their warm glow on everything.

Wall, hanging and standing lamps become stand-out features in living rooms, staircases and bedrooms. They bathe interiors with their unique light, filtered through beautiful porcelain forms which continue to cause an impression even when the new day dawns.

Ice Cream

The Ice Cream collection is expanded with this version for hanging on the wall. The lamps in this series, inspired by the wavy curves of ice cream and by traditional Japanese paper lanterns, play with porcelain’s translucent quality to give off a particularly warm light.

Like its cordless predecessors, this new model, with an ecru leather top and black metallic parts, is perfect for lighting any room.

01024132 (CE/UK)
01024133 (US)
01024134 (JP)
26 x 17 cm
10¼” x 6¾”


The Blossom collection, launched last fall in white and gold, is now also available in pink. These lamps with clean lines and a dynamic treatment of forms, both in execution as well as arrangement, evoke the magical moment when flowers open with the first rays of sunlight.

01024115 (CE/UK)
01024116 (US)
01024117 (JP)
42.5 x 42.5 cm
16¾” x 16¾”


White magnolias are the focus of this new lighting collection in which the petals, handmade one by one, are enhanced when the light filters through them, creating a warm, evocative atmosphere.

These compositions which might at first sight seem fragile, are highly resistant because each petal has been given the necessary thickness, ensuring a balance between translucency and resistance.

A collection in which flowers are transformed into light.

01024103 (CE/UK)
01024104 (US)
01025105 (JP)
26 x 13 cm
10¼” x 5”

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