Light & Scent

Have you ever spent a night in a garden lit by little lights, bewitched by the scent of flowers, damp earth and plants? Have you had this experience? This is what happens when you enter an enchanted garden in the land of Light & Scent.

The aromas and warm light of candles transport you to faraway places. And you can take little mobile lamps with you to light up any path you take.


Match your moments of relaxation with the best fragrances, create the ideal atmosphere to celebrate a special event or simply perfume our home. Scented candles and perfume diffusers not only speak of our tastes but also what defines us.

The latest addition to the field of home fragrances, the Luxurious Animals collection celebrates the animal kingdom and its infinite variety. Different animals have been meticulously etched by hand on porcelain containers. The collection opens with a beetle, a snake and a lynx, each one with its perfume and available both as a candle and a liquid diffuser.

Mickey Mouse

Mickey Mouse, the Disney factory’s most recognizable icon, is now decorating lithophanes, little cordless lighting fixtures. The world’s most famous mouse is etched by hand on these creations, ideal for adding a touch of warm lighting to any place.
– Also available with rechargeable LED.

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