High Porcelain

High Porcelain, the category encompassing the brand’s greatest challenges in porcelain, presents a sublime creation that transports us to kabuki, the famous Japanese form of theater.


Japan-Kabuki is a limited edition of 250 in High Porcelain, the category covering the most exclusive creations coming from the Lladró workshops.

The work of the sculptor Francisco Polope, who studied numerous Ukiyo-e illustrations of kabuki actors and borrowed inspiration from the great plays of the Edo period like Shibaraku, is an excellent demonstration of the skill and consummate technical control achieved by the brand’s artists.

This portrayal of a kabuki actor, one of the most highly appreciated and traditional genres of Japanese theater, is outstanding for the strength and power it conveys and also for the faithfulness with which it reproduces each detail of this ancient art form, characterized by extraordinarily elaborate make-up and costumes.

Hanmade Process

To recreate this majestic character in such great detail, it was decided to use matte porcelain to enhance the profuse ornamentation. Particularly worth highlighting is the filigree work of the etchings on the sword and the dragon’s head on its hilt, as well as the patterns adorning the clothing, from the headdress to the skirts decorated with striking geometric designs.

The decoration of the piece also boasts a rich spectrum of colors, with a special mention for the metallic tones of the skirt, which called for a highly specific and complex application. Equally of note are the various finishes used to underscore the details and the striking recreation of the make-up covering the actor’s face.

In short, Japan-Kabuki is a creation that transmits all the expressiveness and visual wealth for which this traditional expression of Japanese culture is famous.

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