High Porcelain

The kingdom of High Porcelain is like no other in this world. It is a land of such perfection that you wonder whether you are in a world of fantasy or whether everything around you is real.

When you walk through its streets you bump into striking creations, awash with color and richness. A magical place full of exquisite detail where history, legends and fantasy are written in the best porcelain.

Aztec Dance

The origins of Aztec dances take us back to pre-Hispanic Mexico. They started off as ritual dances to worship the gods and to stay in contact with nature. The dancers were arranged in large circles and offerings were placed in the center, where they believed all energy to be concentrated.

Aztec dances were also considered a ritual cleansing of body and soul and believed to be a medium to reach a higher plane of consciousness closer to the origins and fate of man.

Part of the traditions and cultural heritage of Mexico, these dances are still practiced in celebrations, festivals, cultural acts and even as a contemporary way of reconnecting with the Earth and nature.

The size, posture and expressive gestures of this porcelain creation entailed a highly complex process of elaboration, making it an excellent example of Lladró’s technical and decorative virtuosity. A work that conveys the power and energy of these traditional dances.

Hanmade Process

Made in matte porcelain, this piece depicts an idealized vision of Aztec dances with an understated yet rich decoration, which highlights the solemnity of these ritual dances.

Taken overall, the feathers, the knee and ankle cuffs, the skirt and the breastplate have been worked with minute ornamental detail and with a meticulous use of enamels and metallic lusters.

The decoration of the feathers called for a wide range of different tones of green and the use of airbrush solutions with newly created colors. Special attention was also paid to the decoration of the obsidian, a stone used in weapons and banners and believed since ancient times to possess protective powers and to ward off negativity.

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